Award-Winning e-Learning Platform

Perhaps this is the only platform, which already reaches the maximum of participants. Currently more than active 1,25,000 (One Lac and Twenty Five Thousand) active participants are using this platform. This e-Learning framework is designed and developed enterprise in mind for your training program.

A reliable LMS platform a productive tool for Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Policy-makers to manage their training program efficiently.

Study.SchoolFrom pre-school to higher education and workplace learning, we provide integrated technology that supports these environments:

Information Delivery
Robust infrastructure to support a virtual learning environment, allowing students to access information and learning tools anytime, anywhere.

Admission Automation
Automate your admission process starting from online Admission form processing to online payment process, room allocation, seat planning and result publication.

Knowledge Encapsulation
Create structured and organized information that can be easily digested, providing a conducive self-learning process.

Enterprise e-Learning platform
Study.School is a complete distance-learning platform for training, educational program, e-coaching, hosting test or model test and providing course content. This platform is designed to fit any educational organization or training center with minimum configuration and customization. An organization can be ready to go just right after the adaptation of the platform if your digital content ready.

This blog is about sharing knowledge and collaboration with the partners, learners, and our honorable teachers. Please share your valuable comments on the post. Your comment may enrich this platform to farther. Let’s make a platform together.

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