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Produce custom reports on any user, object or action within your portal. Access and review all kinds of archived system activity via audit logs.

Skill gap testing

Detect your employees’ weaknesses with our skill-gap tests and analysis. Redesign their learning paths according to their needs. Keep close track of their development.

User Types

Control access to different areas and functionalities. Classify users by different User Types, roles, and permissions.

Control on Audiences

Bring users together into logical groups based on combined conditions like group assignment, personalized quiz/exam permission to diversify your training.


Control your security level with our set of configurable safety measures including password rules, 2-factor authentication and IP whitelisting.

Mass Actions

Perform specific actions on multiple users and courses all at once and save valuable time and overhead. For example, course routine sharing, share announcement to specific types of users, festival greetings.

Custom fields

Extend profiles by adding all kinds of custom fields to refine user and course information.


Let your coding experts integrate your eLearning platform with third-party software and scripts via our powerful REST API.

Archive support

Safely store for deleted objects ( users, courses, and lessons) in a different archiving system, so that no data or content is ever lost by mistake.

Micro-level Configurable


Customize your portal’s look and feel to brand your institution. Moreover, you can get a personalized domain name, such as Your-Institution-Name.Study.School with complete set of personalized pages

Multi-Language Support

Build your mix language content on top of simple language switch to Bangla or English. Moreover, you can set the default language of your platform.

Application level configuration:

Hundreds of configurable options in various Usecase (e.g. Custom Email/SMS Template, switch off/on 2-factor security and so on) extends this LMS to match your requirements.

Simplify IT Challenges

Cloud Server Platform:

  • Application and DBMS Server
  • PIRT Data replication
  • Stable Power and high speed Bandwidth
  • Caching support for better speed.


  • Distributing data in multiple servers through clustered database architecture
  • Taking periodical full backup in separate places


  • Implemented industry standard security modules.
  • Periodical Cyber Security Audit by Ethical Security Hackers
  • State of the art encryption system for data communication through network
    Strictly maintaining access to servers.


  • Three (3) days of Training and workshop to help level 1 support.
  • How to escalates next level supports.

Online Payment Service:

  • Percipient will be able pay to course fee using using payment gateway. Study.School will receive payment and will share real-time statement view of all payment.
    For Paid course, system will check (in the process of approving enrolment) if payment is received.
  • Other payment related report and invoicing.


  • Priority Bug fix
  • Periodical Security and performance update packs

Learning Delivery

Learning Paths

Assign courses to be taken in a specific order based on user attributes and your training requirements.

Blended learning

Boost learner engagement. Combine eLearning content with instructor-led training, whether classroom-based or via teleconference.


Package related courses into curriculums and assign them to users and branches.


Gamify your learners’ experience. Let them collect points and badges, move up levels, and feature high on leaderboards.

Rich communication tools

Native support for internal email, calendars, discussion forums and comments.

Videoconference support

Promote interactive group learning and real-time collaboration with study.school.

Mobile learning

Optimized for mobile devices and offline compatible to deliver courses and micro-learning content anytime and anywhere.


Create automatic email notifications triggered by selected events.

eLearning in Bangladesh

Trans-Eurasia Information Network Workshop
For eLearning Feasibility Study
Seoul Cyber University, Seoul, South Africa

Professor Dr. M A Mannan has published his comprehensive article while reflects insights of status of Bangladesh with the various statistic.

Some of his points are added below:

Legal and Regulatory Base:
Bangladesh has yet to formulate e-Learning policy. However, Bangladesh Open University has developed an e-Learning policy for submission to the Ministry of Education for consideration.

E-Learning Readiness:
E-Learning readiness at the first level consists of government, industry, education, and society, while at the second level, it is estimated based on the connectivity, country’s capability to deliver and consume e-Learning, literacy rates and trends in training and education. E-readiness for an organization is its overall preparedness for e-Learning action.

The first-level e-Learning readiness in Bangladesh is encouraging. The government is by policy initiatives and practical physical supports ready to go with all kinds of online education in the country at every level of education from primary through tertiary. However, the industry sector is lagging behind where awareness of e-Learning/e-training is minimal at the moment. The education sector is not fully ready, although a few e-learning initiatives at a small scale are found at the lower level of the education system; the tertiary level institutions still rely fully on the conventional system of providing education, with the exception of Bangladesh Open University (BOU) which has developed necessary infrastructures for e-Learning. At the second level, Bangladesh is partially ready for e-Learning against the backdrop of having around two-fifths of adult illiterates and the potential learners having little or no preparation in using online education tools and technologies. The encouraging fact is that Bangladesh government has undertaken various initiatives for making the people technology-aware and developing country-wide internet connectivity.

ICT Infrastructural Readiness:
The ICT Ministry’s recent initiatives for developing the ICT sector in Bangladesh have tremendously contributed in speeding up the country’s transition into a tech-savvy nation. In a recent meeting (6/8/2015) of the Digital Bangladesh Taskforce (formed in 2009), chaired by the Prime Minister, decisions were undertaken, among others, for ensuring Internet for all villages and educational institutions by 2018, digitization of education by 2021, and assembly of digital devices like laptops, pads, tablets and smartphones, and establishment of high-tech parks in all divisional headquarters to be expanded gradually to all districts.

Visit his Full Article

Course Management

Content Friendly

Re-use your best content on multiple courses. Import useful material from the web to enhance them even further.

Assessments Engine

Allow learners to submit assignments in different formats. Set conditions and deadlines according to course rules and prerequisites.

Conduct custom surveys among users. Collect useful data on employee engagement and course efficiency.

Re-usable content

Courses can comprise of new and shared eLearning material. Pull content from your lessons library or clone single units directly into courses.

Content repository

Keep all your learning content stored in one place. Organize, reuse on different courses or share them with selected users.


Issue multi-purpose certifications with different expiration policies. Readily support any compliance training scenario.

Course rules

Control the way users access your eLearning content. Define course order, completion conditions, and course prerequisites.

eLearning Platform in Bangladesh

StudyRoomEveryone is looking an ideal platform for authoring e-Learning. We need a proven eLearning Platform which is enterprise ready with customer friendly pricing! This is a sophisticated open learning management platform, which builds on enterprise tools, technology, and platform, specially configured for Bangladeshi Training Institutions.

It is massively scalable, bandwidth-optimized and supports micro-level configuration. This LMS allows you to focus on professionally organize your learning content and managing your training program even more effectively.

Not just the platform only, it offers a free course content (with audiovisual documentation) on the topic of “How to use this platform”, “Best practice how to organize learning content”, “How to Configure”, “how to manage” and much more how-tos. Please give a try to Study.School.